Super Easy to Build Tumbleweed Tiny House Plans

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Get Started On Your Easy to Build Tiny House Plans!


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Easy to Build Tiny House Plans

Image:  Tumbleweed Tiny House Plans


This tiny house design-build video workshop shows how simple it is…


Here’s the link to the best tiny house plans available today. If you want the very best in tiny house plans you are going to have to pay a little more but they are well worth the investment if you want your home built right. See Tumbleweed  Tiny House Plans Here!


Very nice! I would love to see your tiny house but we live up here in Montana. I have a dream of building something like this someday.


The Tumbleweed workshop covers:

  • The step-by-step design process
  • Plans for the tiny house I built
  • Alternative designs and materials
  • Get through building sticking points
  • Where to get inspiration
  • Translate your paper drawings to Google Sketch Up
  • Create your shopping list and cut costs
  • How to work with a trailer
  • The one step you can’t complete alone and how to do the rest
  • Plenty of mistakes to avoid
  • Even electrical and plumbing are covered
  • Where to go for help


Fellow Tiny House Enthusiast,


Seeing my tumbleweed tiny house pull out of the driveway and around the corner, I wondered if I might feel the same way someday seeing a child go off to college for the first time.


Then the doubts crept in… will the trailer hold up? Will the siding hold up? Will something break? Will that old suburban make the trip?


If you’re thinking of building a tiny house, I can relate. I’ve actually done it.


Tumbleweed Plans

Image:  Tumbleweed Tiny House Plans


And I made some mistakes


Some, I caught before it was too late. Some I didn’t. Some were easy to fix. Some cost a few extra bucks I would have rather not had to shell out.


If you’re planning to build a tiny house, learn from others’ mistakes. Personally, I wish there had been more resources available.


I got the books and read the websites. I could have invested the $475 plus travel for the live workshop but I didn’t. I figured I wasn’t trying to build an expensive tiny house so why bother?


Dream BIG, go tiny at a 2-Day Tumbleweed workshop. Find a Tumbleweed workshop near you today.


The resource I wished I’d had


I’ve since gotten a set of official tiny house plans from Tumbleweed after so many trials and errors trying to build on my own, I haven't looked back since. They were the best plans found anywhere on the web.


My trailer was slightly different. I would have wanted to have made alterations. There was no information on alternate materials. I don’t want a dang boat heater in Texas but I do want an AC unit.


Don’t get me wrong. If I were going to hire someone to build a tiny house to look exactly like a certain style, I would have wanted those plans for the contractor to follow. But I’m no contractor and in the end, I could have had Tumbleweed build it for me cheaper and faster.


I’d argue what makes tiny houses unique from everything else are that you build them individually for individuals. No one will be mass-producing them for the foreseeable future. Each one is custom-tailored and one set of plans can only take you so far.


I was no expert


I’d never used a miter saw (aka chop saw) before I started this project. I’d seen one used and I knew how to use a circular saw so I figured that was good enough. I knew if I started and kept working, I’d eventually figure it out.


I didn’t know about framing, drywall, wiring, or plumbing. I figured it all out along the way. And I made some boneheaded mistakes along the way. You’ll have my experience to build on to save yourself the frustration.


At first glance, I questioned whether I had anything to share since I’m not a contractor or design professional of any kind. Then I realized that’s exactly where many tiny housebuilders start out. Maybe they’d see that if I could do it, you can too.


Now that I’ve finished, I went back and created the resource I wish I’d had before I started building.


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