Easy Backyard Chicken Coop Plans

By John Greene 4 Min Read

The good thing is that nowadays, it is easy just to go online and select from one of the many backyard chicken coops and designs available. Whereas some websites will focus on providing designs and then allowing you to build your own chicken houses for the backyard, others will sell the actual ready-made chicken coops. One thing is for sure: neither the chicken house designs nor ready-made houses are in short supply.

This then means that you have to have a certain set of predetermined parameters that you will use to eventually make your decision on which one best suits your requirements.

One of the first things to take into consideration when sourcing chicken houses for a backyard is space. The ideal chicken house should provide a reasonable amount of space for the birds to move about, and that allows for easy cleaning and repair from time to time. Since the space in one's backyard is limited, and there might also need to be put for other users in the other sections of the backyard, one must make sure that the chicken house is not too big or too small but just right for their needs.


In addition, there may be local building laws and regulations that need to be adhered to relating to the amount of space to leave between the chicken coop and buildings inhabited by humans. When determining your space considerations, also bear in mind the number of chickens you expect to have in the short, medium, and long term. This planning would help make sure that you do not start to experience congestion so soon after putting up the backyard chicken houses.

The second thing you must consider when setting up a backyard chicken coop is the safety of the chicken. Many backyard chicken houses might look attractive in design and be practical in many other ways but fail in the safety department. Remember that chickens have a number of predators ranging from dogs and cats to eagles and hawks. These predators will always be seeking out ways in which to turn your chicken into an easy meal. For instance, you can have meshed roofing for the ‘exercise area' around the actual chicken house, which would expose the chicken to enough fresh air and free movement while at the same time protecting them from predators.

The third important thing to consider is entry points for light and air. Often time, the basic chicken house designs where one expects to keep a few chickens may not require as much emphasis on this as instances where one will be keeping tens of chickens. These houses that are designed for relatively higher numbers must not be poorly ventilated as this is not only detrimental to the general growth of the chickens but also increases the risk of disease.



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