In this video, we visit a sustainable residential development where tiny houses are going to be legal! The development, which is called “Les Hameaux de la Source” is located in Lantier, Québec, Canada. Mat and I were on site for the 2016 Tiny House Festival and were excited to learn more about this project.

The goal of the development is to create a space where people can own and live in affordable and sustainable housing. One of the ways they’re going to make this a reality is by changing the building code for the development so that one section has a minimum building size of 350 square feet, up to 900 square feet. The second section of the development is more experimental and they’ve made space for a 6-house tiny house on wheels residential area. If it goes well, it sounds like they’ll make space for more tiny homes on wheels.

We spoke to a handful of future residents who plan to live in small houses, and in tiny houses, and they’re all excited at the prospect of being able to live in small spaces where it’s legal to do so, so that they won’t have to worry about investing in a home and/or a property that they could get kicked out of, and they don’t have to worry about where to park a tiny house either.

Another reason the residents are excited about this particular development is that there's communal land for each 6-house hamlet that will allow residents to experiment with community gardens, small farms, permaculture, and more. There’s also a large portion of the entire property that will be kept wild. It feels like this space will become a very well organized eco village with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity from everyone living there.

We hope this development goes well and that it becomes a template that other communities can use to integrate affordable, small, and sustainable housing in order to give people of all means access to housing that suits their needs.

“How To Build Your Own Tiny House On A Budget”

For more information about the Hameaux de la Source (Spring Hamlets) development by Habitat Multi-Generations, check out their website (french only) here:

Tiny House Festival in Lantier, Québec, Canada:

Tiny House Quebec/Mini-maison Québec Facebook Page:

A special thank you to Maxime from Mini-Maison Québec, and Didier Merette Dufresne for taking the time to chat with us about the small homes they’re building. Thank you to Claude, the Tiny House Festival organizer this year for the press passes. And finally, a special thank you to Alex and Tatianna, and Caro for making cameo appearances in the video 🙂

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