Wild Edibles- Eastern White Cedar Tea

By John Greene 2 Min Read

White Cedar Trees can be used to make one of my favorite wild teas. In this episode, I show you how to find and properly identify an Eastern White Cedar tree, as well as how to make cedar tea from the leaves. Enjoy!

To make white cedar tea, follow these steps:

  1. Identify white cedar trees: Look for white cedar trees, also known as eastern white cedar or thuja occidentalis, in moist, acidic soils in northeastern North America.
  2. Gather materials: Collect young branches or leaves from the tree, ensuring they haven't been sprayed with pesticides or are near polluted areas.
  3. Clean and chop: Rinse the branches or leaves thoroughly to remove dirt and debris. Chop them into small pieces, about 1-2 inches long.
  4. Steep: Place the chopped cedar pieces in a stainless steel or glass pot, cover with cold water, and bring to a gentle boil. Reduce heat and let it simmer for 10-15 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it steep for another 10-15 minutes.
  5. Strain and serve: Strain the tea through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth into a cup or jar. Enjoy your homemade white cedar tea warm or chilled. Remember, always respect nature and follow local guidelines when gathering plants for consumption.

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