DIY Hot Water – Build a Solar Hot Water System

Build a Solar Hot Water System of your very own and save thousands on your electric

How to eliminate 1/3 of your power bill by making your own solar hot water system!”

Heating water takes an immense amount of energy and that's why it makes sense to build a solar hot water system for your home.

A solar water heater can reduce your electricity bill by up to 33% and setting up the system is dead simple.

Using easy to find parts you can make the solar heater in your backyard for under $100.

Solar energy is a great alternative energy that you can use to power your hot water system at home. As solar panels can be a little costly to put up at one time, you may need to slowly work on it panel by panel and gradually cut down on your electricity bills every month until such time that you can afford to put your entire house self-sufficient when it comes to electricity needs.

One of the things that you can do with solar energy is to make your own DIY solar hot water system – that is putting your hot water system run with the power of the sun. Of course, allowing your hot water system to be run by solar energy will also allow you to cut down big time on your electricity bills as well.

Of course, your DIY solar hot water system is also a lot safer than having a gas powered water heater as it is free from the risk of getting on fire. It is also a lot cheaper as the sun is a free as well as a clean energy source that you can enjoy for a very long, long time. In fact, it can last very long with less maintenance and that makes it a very good alternative for you to cut down on your electric bills.

We had fun building our Solar Hot Water Heater!

If you are interested on how you can use the sun to save money on your electricity bills and get a good source of safe, clean and renewable energy, here are a few things that might help you build your own DIY solar hot water system.

– Learn everything about water heaters. This will help you understand better options in making your own water heater project that is powered by solar energy. Pay particular attention to the different types of water heater that can be powered by solar energy. There are those called active water heaters and passive water heaters, so you might want to learn about them so you can decide on what you want to build.

– Determine and study how much electricity your water heater needs. Of course, you have to keep in mind that you have to make a solar heater that can also carry the amount of energy needed to run your hot water system. This is also important so you can estimate the cost of setting up your solar panels as well. Cost is one major consideration in your project and you have to make sure from the start that you can afford to put up a solar power system that can carry your hot water needs.

– Be resourceful on where to find cheaper materials. Solar cells can be a little pricey but of course, you can always find ways on how to secure cheaper materials. The internet is one place where you can find cheaper solar cells. Of course, you have to be extra careful that you follow correct instructions to avoid waste of money, time and effort as well.

Carolyn Anderson loves to share these resources in making your own solar power water heater. If you are looking for a good guide, check out DIY Hot Water. Also check out DIY Solar Water Heater, where you can find everything on how to build a solar water heater on your own.


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