DIY 7 Drawer Mission Chest

By John Greene 2 Min Read

How To Build Seven Drawer Mission Chest

What you will need:
• Planer thicknesser
• Domino Jointer
• Sander
• Bandsaw
• Tablesaw
• Router table
• Biscuiter
• Block
• Mallet
• Fine-tooth saw
• Plane
• Chisel
• Sash
• Deep-throat clamps
• F- and G-cramps
• 8 x 50mm Domino components
•'0′ and '20' biscuits
• PVA glue
• Cloth
• Protective pads
• Router cutters, including 19mm diameter dovetail
• 1/2in collet router + 30mm guide bush
• 6.4mm groover + arbor and 9.5mm straight bit
• Sub-table surface + high fence facing
• Screws Power woo


This is a substantial and imposing chest of drawers. Unlike a typical Georgian or Victorian chest, which would have drawers graduated
in size, with the smallest at the top and the largest at the bottom, this chest has equal height drawers apart from the top row. The timber is
American White Oak (Quercus alba). It is finished with a sealer coat and waxed to keep the look as natural as possible.


This project uses a very large amount of timber and there is wastage because
even American oak suffers from splits, shakes, and knots. Keep your best boards
for matching color and grain for the drawer fronts, and find good matching
boards for the top. The back panel, end panels, and drawer bottoms are all oak veneered
ply – not authentic but it looks fine and saves on cost and preparation
time. Study the plans carefully and makeup what is a substantial cutting list.


To see the complete plans click below. or head over to to get the complete PDF build file.



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