Shipping Container Homes – Trendy or Trashy?

By John Greene 5 Min Read

Much like in fashion, interior design trends come and go. However, one direction seems to be sticking around for the long haul: going green. With going green, there are a plethora of options for recycled products to reclaimed woods, newer manufacturing processes that use fewer fossil fuels, and so forth. 


That being said, one trend has risen in recent years where people are reusing shipping containers and creating entire homes within their walls. So, are shipping container homes trendy or trashy? You decide. If you've got a large house, you could easily conceal a storage container in the back to add on to your home. It's a great way to add on additional needed square footage without compromising the front curb appeal of your home or the interior design of the inside.




What Room? Any Room!


Since you can use a shipping container to add to your home, it's no surprise that you can use these boxes to create just about any space. This could include adding on to your existing kitchen designs, adding a new bathroom, creating new bedroom designs, or perhaps even creating entirely new living room designs for a home.


Concealed Looks


Just because you know it's a shipping container, doesn't mean anyone else has to know. You can alter the interior and exterior of the space to suit the look and style of your home. Interior design is flexible, and of course, shipping containers are no exception. Just because you're reusing the frame doesn't mean you've got to stick with the look.




Shipping containers are incredibly versatile, as mentioned before. However, what wasn't referred to is this: you can combine several shipping containers to create the desired amount of space. You can also redesign the area by cutting and rearranging the shipping container to create the right shape and style for your home. In other words, it's so versatile, you can create just about anything, and that also includes the interior design and decorating of the space.


They Make Great Cabins


Vacation homes can be expensive, and remodeling a shipping container might not be an exception to this rule. However, despite the cost of interior design and remodeling, these containers make great vacation homes. You can use them as a cabin “up north,” or even a beach house “down south.”


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Trailer Trash, Unfortunately, as expected, there are also many reasons that these containers can be considered ‘trashy.' For example, shipping containers are all made from metal; but so are trailers, and no one enjoys being thought of as “trailer trash.” These homes give a whole new meaning to the word. Plus, no matter how you dress up the interior design or the exterior of the house, some people might always look at it as a trailer.


Turn up the Air, or Wait, Turn up the Heat? Metal conducts heat. A giant metal container won't be too comfortable, especially if you live in warmer climates. Large metal containers also hold the cold so that you won't be comfortable in the winter, either, will you? Controlling the temperature inside a large shipping container home can be extremely difficult. In the end, only you can decide if you feel that this kind of home is trendy or trashy. After all, you can gussy up the interior design of a trailer, but that doesn't make it any less ugly, or does it?


John invites you to learn more about shipping container homes and find more decorating ideas and inspirations from around the world on our shipping container home Pinterest board.


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