Bird House Plans – Build a Nest Box That Will Attract the Species You Want

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Whether you love the cheerful chirping of birds or you want to make your garden a beautiful place where birds can nest in, you have stopped at the right place. Read on to know some tips before you buy a birdhouse. When you do your research on birdhouses, online or at a conventional store, you will realize that there are plenty of options. Wooden birdhouses are one of the best options you must look for. This is available in various types. We will talk about this in depth below. 

Types of Wooden Bird Houses

The Rustic Wooden houses for birds are a good buy for the amateur watcher as these can be easily filled and cleaned. These are made out of Pine and Cedar. They have a contemporary, rustic charm to them, which makes them perfect for all species. It would look attractive in the backyard of your home.

Purple Martin Birdhouses

The Purple Martin is America's favorite bird. These rustic Wooden Bird Houses help you begin with them. Since these rustic-styled wooden Purple Martin Birdhouses are so attractive, even the choosiest birds make their way in.

Chickadee and Wren Bird House

The Wren Wooden Houses for birds will help you in protecting these little birds and also give you the harmony of their complex singing. Chickadee Wooden Birdhouses often are home to these happy and social little chickadees. They help the birds to stay in during bad weather. These rustic birdhouses are ideal for any environment and location.

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Bluebird Rustic Houses

If you wish to start a bluebird trail using one of the rustic houses, make sure to choose from the wide range available. Open-top, nest box windows, and small feeders for bluebirds or horizontal houses for bluebirds are good. Place these at least 100 yards away from the bluebird house. You could also have two different bluebird houses at about a distance of 5 feet to keep the sparrows and the other species apart.

Wild Bird and Owl House

Everyone who loves watching birds think that every bird deserves a home. This is why there is a range of Wooden Bird House for wild birds too. Some Wild birds and Owl houses are for larger birds. Similarly, birdhouses for ducks, woodpeckers, and owls are important. These are made in the USA and are available in the Wild Bird House section on most online sites.

Bird Houses – Eco-Friendly and recycled

Available on the Internet also is a range of Wooden Bird Houses that are easy to make with simple-to-follow instructions that can be made of recycled or scrap wood. This is the type of wood that the larger manufacturers plan to either burn or toss away. This wood is used by craftsmen and reused to make beautiful structures for birdhouses. These offer numerous unique characteristics such as screw and nail holes. They are also painted to make sure the birdhouse looks colorful and they are non-toxic. So, if you believe in protecting the Earth and are eco-friendly, pick one of these from any online store.

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