Green Living Do’s and Don’ts

By John Greene 4 Min Read

Emma Parks is just your average girl except she keeps a blog, has written a book and has inspired tons of followers after spending a year making her life more eco-friendly.

Today we're speaking with Parks to get some do's and don'ts of green living and how to make your life more green.

Emma Parks

Q: What would you say is the biggest mistake of most people make in terms of green living?
A: What bothers me I guess is when people kinda just want to pay their way the green, you know they want to buy some solar panels and buy a hybrid car throwing money at the green movement necessarily work because I think it's more of an overall mentality of you have to have it just consuming less.

Q: Is there anything we be surprised to learn that is not eco friendly?
A: Well there's a lot of products I claim to be natural that are full of fragrances and parabens and preservatives and stuff and unfortunately you just have to do your research and read every single ingredient list. All this stuff like Starbucks… whatever they have these healthy looking salads and then you read ingredients like polyethylene glycol which I think is some derivative of antifreeze.

Q: What was a problem that encountered that you didn't foresee?
A: Often we have to choose between like and imported organic product or a local non organic product. The rule that my nutritionist friend has is first to buy local organic, second was local and third was organic.

Q: What would you say is the trick to making these changes in sticking with them?
A: Find your own, maybe your niece or just something that you really care about most. I mean some people just don't care so much about conserving water and they let the tap run. Maybe you care a lot about waste reduction in garbage and I know personally that's kind of my situation. I just hate creating garbage and I hate buying things with lots of the packaging. There's a lot of blogs out
there were people are trying just to not buy any plastic, like not consume any plastic what so ever. It's just good to think of something that you really care about for whatever reason and just focus on that but let yourself have a few sins every now and then.

Q: Do you think everyone can live an eco-friendly lifestyle now?
A: I do think that everyone can step out outside of their comfort zone more than they do. You know I really never thought I'd be the type of person to unplug my fridge one day but I did and I was so surprised at how easy was. I'm surprising myself at at how much happier I am having done all these things that I never thought I would so I just hope more people take that take that leap.

We hope you enjoyed this question and answer post on the do's and don'ts of green living.

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