Bamboo Bedding Offers Luxury Bedding Comfort While Being Enviromentally Friendly

By John Greene 5 Min Read

If you want to contribute to making this world a greener place you could start by bringing bamboo products into your home. Bamboo is successfully being used as the raw material for manufacturing bed sheets and bath towels. There is a growing demand for 100% bamboo bed sheets and 100% bamboo bath towels. They are excellent quality and more durable than most types of products.

Bamboo is a very environmentally friendly fiber. If you are looking for a more ecological choice for sheets or towels than cotton, bamboo bed sheets, and bamboo bath towels are the way to go. Bamboo is a woody, perennial member of the grass family, and like your lawn; bamboo regenerates without being re-planted and does not require re-seeding.

Cotton, on the other hand, needs to be replanted annually and require fertilizer and insecticide. Bamboo grows without the need for fertilizer or insecticide. To grow one pound of raw cotton requires an approximately one-third pound of fertilizer. Additionally, the farming of cotton throughout the world uses a quarter of all pesticides used on crops but cotton crops cover less than five percent of the world's farmed land. Additionally, there is run-off from the chemicals into nearby water sources, which can contaminate and pollute these waters.

Cotton is also a time-consuming crop, which requires a lot of manpower and energy, as well as resources to re-plant it every year are not necessary to grow bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants, and, as mentioned above, there is no need to re-plant or re-seed once it is planted for the first time.

Additionally, bamboo is an efficient consumer of carbon dioxide and the producer of oxygen. Bamboo plants are much better at absorbing carbon dioxide and generating oxygen than trees. That alone is a pretty good argument for planting bamboo.

So, these are benefits of growing bamboo, but what about once an item has had a long useful life and it is time to dispose of it? Products manufactured from inorganic and non-recyclable raw materials emit toxic and harmful chemicals and carbon dioxide into the air and landfills which they are dumped. Furthermore, these products never decompose and disintegrate back into the earth. Bamboo is both organic and recyclable so it will decompose eventually and there will be less carbon dioxide emitted.

So, you see from its beginning to the end of their lives, bamboo bed sheets and bamboo towels are truly environmentally friendly. The raw material, bamboo requires less work once it is planted. There is no replanting or re-seeding. No work required to fertilize or spray pesticides. This also means less harmful run-off into our water sources. Bamboo benefits the environment while it grows, consuming large amounts of carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. And at the end of the life of bamboo bed sheets or bamboo bath towels, they can be put into a landfill without the threat of emitting carbon dioxide that unrecyclable objects emit and they will decompose so they won't be in the landfill forever. From start to finish, buying bamboo bed sheets and bamboo bath towels are the way to go.

If you want to contribute to making this world a greener place you should start by bringing bamboo products into your home. Looking for 100% bamboo bed sheet sets or bamboo bath towels? Come check out the huge selection of our bamboo bed sheets and bamboo towel sets at Amazon.

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