This vlog got kind of long so it is now a two-part vlog. In this first half I did a follow me around Walmart and follow me around Lowes while searching for clearance houseplants and begonias to use in my living wall. I was also grabbing gardening supplies to use for houseplant and tropical plant repotting. After returning from Walmart and Lowes I did a brief overview of how to mix potting soil for tropical plants. I should say, how I mix soil for houseplants and tropical plants. After mixing my soil it started to rain so I had to resume the next day and use the nice weather to head to one of my favorite garden nurseries here in St. Louis called, Greenscape Gardens, I'll paste a link to their website below this description. I went to the nursery to find some petunias and other annuals to use in my pots around the pool. I ended up with the Supertunia Bubblegum Vista, Supertunia Fuschia Vista and the Sweet Caroline Lime sweet potato vines all from Proven Winners. This nursery has tons of healthy tropical plants, houseplants, annuals and perennials. I would have filmed more there but I would prefer to have permission from the management or owners. But really, if you are in the area you must check them out, they have an amazing selection for the home and garden. 🙂

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