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Before you get rid of your old bras those have seen the better days of you, you can actually turn them into something that very useful to you at occasions. That's right you can turn them into Backless Bra's. To do this magic you wont have to spend your precious hour in doing this magic work, which you can just do in mere seconds and with just few stitches.
When Ray Lee posted her video on “All about Bras,” many of her regular viewers asked her to post a tutorial on how she made her DIY Backless Bra.

Did you know you can take an old bra and turn it into a backless bra? Yep! And it’s a DIY project I can’t wait to make myself!

This easy step-by-step tutorial will guide you if you have any low back outfits and you don't want to flash your expensive bra's back strap to people — and YES! it only requires second to none stitching skills, just be careful with the needle.

Wasn't this a quick and easy way to save some money. This is something which you can make totally at home and that too without spending a dime !.

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