How to Make Money in Woodworking,

“What have you been up to, we need our videos?!?!” That's the question I hope this video can partially answer. I've been busy with work which has kept me away from making YouTube videos. So I decided to bring YouTube along with me for a day. In this video, I'm on location salvaging some old lumber from a barn and house. The wood is being used for a set of farm tables I'm making. Reclaimed wood is great for projects where you are making new furniture that looks old. You just can beat it for it's aged appearance and authentic marks and coloration. It takes some work and effort to find and get it, but once you have, you've got a great product to work with. My tools of choice for salvaging are several pry bars, framing hammer, sledgehammer, chainsaw, shovel, rake, leaf blower, truck, and a winch. With these items you can tear down just about anything…….. also jacks are nice too. Join me for a day of work. Be sure to let me know if you'd like to see more videos like this if so, I'll bring the camera along with me on my travels more often. Thank you for watching and check out the link below to start your own money making business in Woodworking.