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This is a work in progress and I will add follow-ups to this video as the basil plants grow larger!

As winter will soon be upon us, I am experimenting with the wonderful world of hydroponics so I can have some fresh veggies during the off season, ON THE CHEAP!

Hydroponics is a lot simpler than it first seems. Liquid nutrients deliver regular and consistent food to the plants on a timed schedule and therefore producing an ideal growing situation for bigger and faster fruit production than soil! Also because there is no soil, the system runs cleaner and much smaller pots can be used as we are only need to accommodate space for the roots and some media (rock wool and hydro pellets) for support.

All that is needed is:
-Hydroponic cup
-A rock wool plug
-Clay pellets for added substrate
-Aquarium air pump
-Air tubing
-Air tubing relief valve
-Inverted water bottle, with bottom cut off, sized for the Hydro pot
-Plastic cup to hold water bottle
-Power drill to drill holes in the bottle caps

During winter, this set up will need an artificial light source, but this was a trial filmed in July 2009, so there is sufficient sun intensity and duration in the window sill for now!

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