DIY Watering Tutorial for Potted Vegetation

Do it yourself, easy does it, self watering procedure for pot vegetation. This irrigation strategy needs no dripping tubes, sprinklers or what so ever. Chilli peppers starring are Hongarian Sizzling Apple, Habanero Peach and Caloro.

Part2: Do it yourself self watering procedure for pot vegetation. An experiment on up scaling is strategy is revealed in component 2
Any other solutions on how to automate the irrigation of my capsicum vegetation are welcome. I am also seeking for thoughts to Do it yourself the Aquavalve from Autopot. Any solutions or thoughts on this are much more then welcome far too. Have fun experimenting and go breed chilli peppers!

Eenvoudig bewateringssysteem voor je potplanten op onderschaal. Als iemand ervaring of ideen heeft om een DHZ/Do it yourself aquavalve te bouwen van Autopot dan hoor ik dat graag…

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