A swift and uncomplicated way to set up a drip irrigation technique for your indoor hydroponic backyard garden!

Components Checklist:

Fastfit 2 x 4 Develop Tray Stand
Botanicare 2 x 4 Develop Tray
Botanicare thirty gallon reservoir with lid
Basic Hydroponics Flora Series three-Aspect Innovative Nutrients
Hydroflow elbows and T-parts
Ecoplus 185 submersible pump
Apollo nine Digital Timer
Hydroflow non-adjustable, angled drippers
Hydroflow ebb and movement fittings package
Hydroflow versatile mainline tubing
Hydroflow dripper nipples
Hydroflow 1/8 drip line tubing
Grodan Hugo Rockwool Blocks
Grodan Unislab Rockwool Mini Slabs