Off Grid Tiny House

I can't believe how big this Off Grid Tiny House is in there and everything. We got in there I can't believe it. Welcome to 7 Travis – Forever and a day guys were here incredible tiny homes with Randy Jones and he's going to take us on a tour of one of the most awesome tiny houses I've ever seen. Bill let's take a look at it now welcome to another incredible home by incredible County homes and my name is Randy Jones and this is our issue of wood called American freedom and we kind of come with that idea with the help of Lucas and it is a solar energy and off the grid construction company that come in and help us install our solar.

Dre, this is Off Grid Tiny House we can actually take this and park it and run completely not even hooked up to the electrical and one other one more feature we may at is just a water water holding facility or tank that'll keep you completely off for a while. So, let me give you a tour of it and show you everything that we've done this is a conventional built Home two before construction cheated on the outside with 5/8 plywood all the way around then on top of that we put a wooden barrier wrapped in a twin bed then on top of that course we got harassed at the barn wood we've got our corrugated metal behind that it's all silicone screwed off and you prewash screws so before we even put this on here it was already waterproof din ready to go we could have painted the plywood and been done but we didn't we just wanted to make it give this this this decor.