About Freecycle USA

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Hi, I would like to welcome you and your family to our website Freecycle USA. I've been around the green, reuse, recycling scene for many years and I love to recycle, eat healthy organic food, and try to be as green and earth-friendly as possible every day to help lessen my impact on our planet.

We've started this website in hopes of helping get our readers to think more about being green and to help guide and tutor our users on the best ways of sustainable living and lessen the use of our planet's resources. We also have a small store where we've chosen products that are green-relate. The income we receive from our site will help us in keeping this website up and running for all of our future visitors. If you happen to find a product that I might have missed that doesn't meet the green, organic, recycled classification please send me an email at info@freecycleusa.com


Don and The Freecycle USA Team