Check out these 7 quick and easy earth day crafts using recycled materials!

I Spy Bottle:
You Will Need:
-Recycled Bottle (glass or plastic)
-Food coloring
-Hand Sanitizer
-Plastic bags
-Scooper or measuring glass
-Fun items to search for! Buttons, die, toy rings, small toys, bounce balls, paperclips, birthday candle
-Notecard, hole punch, rubber band

You Will Need:
-Recycled bottles, plastic or glass
-Rice, beans, pasta or beads
-Extra: stickers and ribbons to decorate!

Sand Art:
You Will Need:
-Recycled plastic bottle
-Colorful Chalk
-Plastic bags
-Funnel (Optional)

Fire Breathing Dragons:
You Will Need:
-Toilet paper roll
-Construction paper
-Streamers, yarn, ribbon
-Pom poms
-Googly Eye

Halloween Bats:
You Will Need:
-Toilet paper or paper towel tubes
-Construction Paper
-Markers or crayons

Hero City:
You Will Need:
-Tissue Boxes
-Construction Paper

Long Winding Road
You Will Need:
-Masking tape
-Toy Cars and other vehicles
-Construction Paper
-Paper Towel Rolls
-Tissue Paper


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