The DIY Project EP 4- 5 Ways To Revamp An Old TShirt

Music: Ariel -Take Two


RileyArt Presents: The DIY Project

Sandra Riley Tang is a Singaporean-based musician, host and bespoke visual artist. She is best known for her work as a vocalist / multi-instrumentalist in folk-pop quartet The Sam Willows. Fresh out of her advertising day job, this young entrepreneur prides herself as a DIY-ist (Do-It-Yourself), calling upon her natural disposition for arts & craft and visual aesthetics to solve everyday problems.

Sandra is the founder and creative director of RileyArt, an online art collective featuring a specially-curated range of handmade accessories, art and calligraphy for sale, a gallery of her personal work, and a series of web tutorials known as “The DIY Project”.

On the side, Sandra is an avid dancer, yogi and has a penchant for overfeeding her tailless cat Ruffles.

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