Walk through my garden where I show you 20 edible permaculture plants suitable for a cool temperate climate.

What makes a plant a permaculture plant? For me a plant is a permaculture plant when it is perennial, multifunctional, a pioneer or drought hardy.

1. Rhubarb
2. Asparagus
3. Yacon
4. Lovage
5. Rococo Chilli
6. Scarlett Runner Bean
7. Chives (Onion & Garlic)
8. Alpine Strawberries
9.Globe Artichokes
10. Sorell
11. Wild Rocket
12. Cape Gooseberry
13. Cucamelons
14. Perennial Onions & Leeks
15. Jerusalem Artichokes
16. Pepino
17. Tamarillo
18. Babaco
19. Perennial Basil
20. Horseradish
BONUS Nasturtiums

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